About Us

ArtSkills® was founded in 1987 in Easton, PA. We are a family owned company with a commitment to bringing quality and innovative poster making and art materials to our customers.

Originally ArtSkills® designed and developed Draw Today and Paint Today, drawing and painting programs, which allowed anyone to learn to draw and paint with no prior skill at all! They also are the only art programs in the world that have a money back guarantee, if you are not absolutely thrilled with your artwork.

Today at ArtSkills® we make a wide range of art materials. We specialize in poster board accessories, including poster markers, poster lettering, decorative items, and innovations to make Easier, Faster, Better, poster projects!

It is our goal to be your source for everything you need to make a poster! We value the trust our customers put in us and continue to strive to bring new and innovative poster products and ideas to you. We know that the image below may be all too familiar to you... we are here to help!

 ArtSkills® is a proud supporter of Kids in Need Foundation™, whose mission is to ensure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed by providing free school supplies nationally to students most in need.