8 Tips for How to Use Photos Properly

 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words and an "A" on Your Poster Project!

  1. Great sources for creative poster images include magazines, newspapers, catalogs, advertisements, product packaging, and the internet.
  2. Add a drop shadow to each image to create depth on your poster. Cut a piece of colored poster board the same size as your image, glue it to your poster, and place your image on top,slight up and to the right, to create your shadow. Creating a drop shadow will be sure to make your images pop!
  3. Switch from horizontal to vertical images to break up the flow of your poster. Placing your pictures different directions or even on a slight angle can change the way that viewers see your poster, and make your project more noticeable.
  4. Round the edges of each picture with a pair of scissors for a dramatic change to your poster. A rounded edge versus a pointed edge softens the image and makes it more appealing to the eye.
  5. When using multiple images on your poster, remember to keep them in their proper sequence. If you are creating a Science Fair poster, you can use an image for each step in your project!
  6. For a cool poster, outline your poster images in shapes to emphasize your poster's theme. A good way to do this is by using small pre-cut poster board shapes or to cut out your own shapes from small classic colored poster board.
  7. When making a poster with many images, good captions and titles for each image is important. Choose a simple, one line, sentence to describe what is happening in each photo.
  8. For a cool poster project, get creative by using different size images. Use larger images for parts of your poster that are part of the main topic and use smaller images to fill white space or create a decorative theme for your poster.

Now that you have learned how to use your images properly for any poster project, check out our Poster Gallery for the perfect poster idea!