Brainstorming is a great way to come up with creative ideas for any poster or project especially when you are in a pinch. Follow some of these fun brainstorming tips and let the creative poster ideas come pouring out of you!

  1. Write it down! Just the simple act of writing down all your thoughts and ideas about a topic can be inspiring when you see one idea, it can make you think of many more!
  2. Wear Different Hats! Think of your project topic from various perspectives that of a child, an adult, a scientist, a politician, etc., whatever new perspective brings fresh ideas to your topic.
  3. Make a Web! Draw a huge spider web on a large piece of paper with your posters topic in the middle. Then write all the words you can think of associated with your poster topic all through the web. Later you can arrange these words into related themes and use them to come up with a great poster title or a focus area for your poster.
  4. Ask Questions! Think about your poster topic using the traditional questions that journalists use to tell a story: Who? Where? When? What? Why? How?
  5. Cube It! Turn your poster idea into a cube by giving it six sides: Describe it! Compare it! Associate it! Analyze it! Apply it! Argue it!
  6. Look it Up! Get a fresh and accurate take on your poster topic by looking it up in the dictionary, encyclopedia or thesaurus. You might be surprised to learn word origins and alternate meanings, or you might get some new ideas by seeing the synonyms and antonyms associated with your topic.