Create an Award Winning Science Fair Project

How to Prepare for Your Science Fair Project

  1. Pick a Science Fair Project Topic:

    Your first and most important step is selecting a science fair project topic. Science is all around us so you have a lot of options before you. Think of something that is interesting to you, which will make it more fun along the way. To get you started with some ideas check out our poster gallery for hundreds of science fair poster ideas.
  2. Do Your Research:

    After you select your science fair topic, start researching! Learn as much as you can about your topic. The internet is a great way to research any science topic. Your local library is also a great reference resource, especially when looking for detailed information.
  3. Plan Your Steps:

    Once you have your research together, it's time to make a plan. Figure out some important information about your science fair experiment, for example: a hypothesis, what are your variables and the procedure you will use to test your hypothesis.
  4. Do the Science Experiment:

    It is now time to do your science fair experiment. Be sure you have all of your necessary materials ready and a work station where you can complete the experiment. The most important part of your experiment is keeping notes. Take pictures or make sketches of your observations to make things clear. Your photos and sketches will also be a great addition to your science fair display board that you will be presenting to the judges.
  5. Analyze Your Data:

    Once you finish conducting your science experiment it is time to analyze your data and find out what happened. Did you prove or disprove your hypothesis? Write a complete report telling exactly what you did, how you did it, and what you discovered. Remember, it's okay if your hypothesis was incorrect as long as you have the data to support it.
  6. Make Your Science Fair Display Board:

    Your experiment is complete, your data is analyzed and now it's time to work on the display board. Your display is a very important part of your science fair project because it's your tool to connect with the judges and your audience and let them know exactly what you did and how hard you worked. The display must be neat and well organized. Include your hypothesis, your procedure, your results, your conclusion, any graphs and charts you made to analyze your data, and pictures or drawings of your experiment and observations.

Visit the Poster Gallery for some inspirational science fair display boards!