The Color Wheel

Choose the Right Colors to Make Your Poster Stand Out!

Take a look this Color Wheel and "5 Easy Tips for Using Color on Your Poster!" for ideas on how to get your poster noticed!

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 5 Easy Tips for Using Color on Your Poster:

Tip 1: 

Contrasting colors (ex: light on dark and dark on light) are the most visible on your poster.

Tip 2: 

Unless you are working on a very dark or black poster board, avoid using yellow in your lettering.

Tip 3:

A dull or muted color is best for a background because more colors stand out on it. Avoid bold colors which will drown out your words.

Tip 4: 

Too many colors can spoil the mix! Do not use more than 2 main colors on your poster.

Tip 5: 

Colors in the same family work well together - light and dark blue, light and dark green, etc.