10 Tips for Adding a Great Title to Your Poster

Making a great poster starts with a great title! Here are "10 Tips for Adding a Great Title to Your Poster."


  1. Choose a title that is relevant to your theme but also shows your creativity. A creative title such as "It's Electric" for an Electricity themed science fair project is both relevant and witty enough to get your poster noticed. 
  2. Try to state your main point in a single sentence or with as few words as possible. A title that is too long will cause problems for both the layout of your poster board as well as the readability. 
  3. Keep your title vibrant and legible from at least 4 feet away. Science fair and contest judges, as well as regular viewers must be able to read your poster in order to understand it. Bold lettering in one solid color is always a safe bet and assures that your title is legible from far away.
  4. Write your title on an angle to give the illusion of movement. This technique would be great when you make a poster about skiing or snowboarding.
  5. You don't have to put your title all in one place. Consider positioning segments of your poster title in different locations to give your poster a dramatic effect. This will make your poster stand out from the rest as well as draw attention to different areas of your poster board.
  6. A border around your title can emphasize your poster's theme. You can choose a simple border such as a colored box or use images to frame your title and add to the theme. For example, use clip art images of lemons to frame your title for a lemonade stand poster.
  7. Instead of using bullet points, accent your poster titles and headings with small symbols or pictures that reinforce your theme. The easiest way to do this is by using Sparkle Poster Stickers.
  8. Arching your title over a large image is an artistic way to get your audience's attention.
  9. Slightly jumbled letters in bold colors are perfect for a fun or playful title. Just tilt each letter in the opposite direction from the previous letter and you have a fun new look.
  10. Enclose your title in a memorable shape to give instant spark to your poster. A great way to do this is by using small pre-cut poster board shapes as a background.

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