DIY Serving Tray


What You'll Need:

Let'sDo This!


A. Paint entire serving tray with white paint. Let dry.


A. Pour contents of a bottle of deco podge into a Mason jar.

B. Fill the empty deco podge bottle with water until it's a third full.

C. Pour water into the jar with the deco podge.

D. Put lid on the jar and shake to mix contents.


A. Squeeze about 3 tablespoons of each paint color into individual cups.

B. Remove lid from jar and pour deco podge into each paint cup a little at a time.

C. Stir each cup until mixture is incorporated. The paint mixture should be the consistency of warm honey. Tip: Add more deco podge mixture if needed.

D. Pour paint mixture into squeeze bottle.


With a pencil and ruler, draw a light diagonal guideline across the tray.


A. Using one squeeze bottle, make a row of dots on the diagonal guideline. Start in one corner with small dots and gradually make the dots larger as you go across the tray.

B. Use a different color than the first to make a row of dots on each side of the center line. Go smaller to larger in the opposite direction.

C. Continue making dots in the same direction on either side, alternating colors to make a pattern. Repeat across the entire tray.

D. When complete, let dry.