Memo Board


What You'll Need:

Let's Do This!


Remove the canvas from the wood frame. Stain the front and sides of the wood frame. Let dry.


A) Cut an 11 ¼" x 15 ¼" piece of corrugated cardboard.

B) Wipe a wet cloth over one side of the cardboard for at least 30 seconds to saturate it.

C) Peel off the wet side of the corrugated cardboard. It should smoothly come off in one piece.

D) Let dry.


A) Mix black and white paint to make a dark gray color. Paint the exposed corrugation. Be sure to get in all the ridges and grooves and across the side edges. Let dry.

B) Mix black and white paint to make a light gray color. Randomly paint the exposed corrugation. Most of the paint should hit across the peaks of the corrugated ridges, but make sure some gets down in the grooves, too. Let dry.

C) Brush silver metallic paint across the peaks of the corrugated ridges. Let dry.

D) Hot glue the painted cardboard to the front of the frame. Note: It should rest on the top of the frame.


A) Cut a 10 ½" x 14 ¼" piece of cardboard.

B) Flip the frame over to the back side. Hot glue the cardboard from Step 4A inside the frame, up against the back of the painted cardboard. This will act as a support for the memo board.


Cut the folded flaps off the piece of canvas. Cut the canvas into six pieces.


Use watercolors to loosely paint the squares with washes of color. Make one of the squares green. Let dry.


A) Note: Use all of the painted canvas squares except green to make the roses. Start at the outside and freehand cut a spiral in towards the center of a canvas square. Leave a little 'tab' at the center of the spiral.

B) Cut off the outside of the spiral and discard.


A) Start at the outside of the spiral and begin tightly rolling in towards the center to create a rose shape. Stop rolling when you reach the tab at the center.

B) Relax your tight hold on the canvas rose and let the spiral loosen slightly before placing a dab of hot glue on the tab. Press the canvas rose into the hot glue on the tab to secure.


A) Cut leaf shapes from the remaining green canvas square.

B) Hot glue the leaves and flowers onto the memo board.

STEP 10:

Hot glue metal clips onto the memo board.