Memorial Day Poppy Wreath


What You'll Need:

Crafter's Closet Red Acrylic Paint

Crafter's Closet Hot Glue Gun

Crafter's Closet Tacky Glue

Egg Cartons

Black Card Stock Paper

Straight Pins with Yellow Heads

10" Foam Wreath


Paint Brush  

Let's Do This!

STEP 1: A. Cut the individual egg cups. B. Make 4 cuts down into the cup. Round into 4 petals. Note: You do not need the petals to be the same. It looks better when they are different. C. When using a 10" wreath form, cut 65-70 flowers.

STEP 2: A. Paint each flower cup. Note: You do not need to paint the bottoms because they will not be seen. Let dry.

STEP 3: A. Cut the centers out of black card stock. You can use a personal cutting machine.

STEP 4: A. Put a small dot of tacky glue down inside the flower cup. Adhere the black center. Let dry.

STEP 5: A. Assemble the wreath by push a straight pin through the center of the flower cup. Add a small dot of hot glue. Stick the poppies randomly onto the wreath and push the pin in to secure. Hold until the hot glue starts to cool. TIP: Place your flowers close together so there is no space between them.




Flower Center Template. Right click to save onto your desktop.