New Year's Eve Mason Jars


What You'll Need:

Let's Do This!


A)Roll out the clay so that it is slightly wider than the height of the jar. Tip: Roll on parchment paper for a non-stick surface.

B)Sprinkle gold and silver glitter on the clay.

C)Lightly roll over the glitter to press it into the clay.

D)Cut a straight edge on one long side and one short side of the clay. Remove the extra clay and save for a later step


A)Line up the long cut edge of the clay with the bottom edge of the jar.

B)Carefully wrap the clay around the jar. Tip: Press the clay gently against the jar to hold it in place.

C)Trim off any excess clay and save it for a later step. Press the seam together using your finger.

D)Trim off the excess clay around the neck of the jar using a craft knife. Save the excess clay for a later step. Tip: Use the threading on the neck of the jar as a cutting guide


A)Gather all the scraps of clay and roll them out.

B)Sprinkle silver glitter on the clay

C)Lightly roll over the glitter to press it into the clay.

D)Use the lid of the glitter container to cut circles in the clay


A)Press the circles onto the jar


A)Bake the jar at 250 degrees for 15 minutes. Let cool