Paper Leaf Garland


What You'll Need:

●Kraft Paper/Bags

●Crafter's Closet Deco Podge Gloss

●Crafter's Closet Orange Acrylic Paints 

●Crafter's Closet Gold Metallic Paint 

●Crafter's Closet Green Acrylic Paint 

●Crafter's Closet Red Acrylic Paint 


●Scissors or Personal Cutting Machine 

●Non-Stick Mat 


●Paint Brush 

●Small Cups for Mixing 


Paper Leaf Garland Template 

Let's Do This! 


A)Print out the leaf template and cut it out.

B)Trace the leaf template onto kraft paper or a paper bag.

C)Cut out the leaves. Optional: Use a personal cutting machine to cut out the leaves.  


Step 2:

A)Cut 11" lengths of wire for as many leaves as you'd like to make.

B)Deco podge one side of a leaf. Tip: Work on a non-stick mat to more easily remove leaves after coating with deco podge.

C)Sandwich a wire between the deco-podged leaf and a matching leaf. Rub to secure the wire between the two paper leaves. Let dry.

D)Repeat this process to make as many leaves as you'd like.  

STEP 3: 

A)Mix a small dot of paint with deco podge to create a tinted gloss. Tip: Add more paint for a darker tint.

B)Paint both sides of each leaf.

C)Bend the leaves after painting so they don't stick to your work surface. Let dry.

D)Paint other leaves in different colors to create a pretty fall palette.

Step 4:

A)Twist the wire stems around a branch to attach the leaves. Tip: Cluster a few leaves together for a more natural look.

B)Continue adding leaves to the branch until you achieve the look you'd like.