Science Fair Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you help me with my science fair display? 

A: Of course we can! There are several ways that we can help you with your display for the fair! We have, available to you:

Q: Can you help me with my science fair experiment?

A: For help with the experiment part of your project, we have partnered with Science Buddies to provide you with hundreds of experiment ideas, procedures, and tips for a perfect experiment. They even have a project idea wizard that will help you find a project that is appropriate for you. Visit their site by clicking the logo  below: 

Science Buddies Logo

Q: How can I talk to a real person for help with my project?

A: There are three ways that you can contact the Poster Pros for help on your project:
  1. Call 1-844-SOS-FAIR to speak to a real person from 9 AM to 9 PM (ET) everyday 
  2. Email the Poster Pros by Email or by filling out this form
  3. Live Chat with a Poster Pro any time that you see this image at the bottom of your screen:

Q: What is a creative title that I can use for my project? 

A: finding a creative title can be a difficult task but can make all the difference when creating a project that you want to stand out at the Science Fair! Start by reading "10 Tips for Adding a Great Title to Your Poster." for some quick tips on picking the perfect title. 

Tips for a creative title

Q: How do I make my project stand out? 

A: Start by taking a look at the Science Fair Design Tips page for the most recent project tips! This page includes everything from tips on how to decorate your projects with attention grabbing effects to how to layout all your information on that large tri-fold board! There is even a downloadable template that you can use to sketch you plan out in advance!

Q: How to I plan out my project for success?

A: Start every project off right by downloading the Project Countdown Calendar! This calendar will help you schedule everything from research to your supplies shopping trips. Click the image below to download this calendar template!

Q: Where can I get all of the display supplies that I need?

A: You can can find the perfect items for your science fair project by visiting our product categories page! Here are some of our top rated products for science fair below! (Click each image for more information)